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A place to breathe.

We are John and Wendy Taylor. We moved to Santa Luzia from England 7 years ago with the aim of creating a new life in a different part of the World. We have had a property in Santa Luzia for 12 years so knew what to expect.

What we didn’t know was how good life in this special place was going to be. Apart from the great all year round weather there are the people of the village who have made our life here even better than we anticipated. 


Wendy Taylor

Wendy was born in South Africa and moved to New York where she spent 12 years before re-locating to North Yorkshire after marrying John. She has specialised in Inter Cultural Learning and majored in Psychology.

John Taylor

"John hails from the North West of England and studied Agriculture before working in the Electricity Industry as a Surveyor. He continues his passion for Sport by following the local Football team CDR Santaluziense far and wide when they can raise a team

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